Visions Border Collies
AKC Breeder Of Merit              Bridgeport, Texas

Welcome to our new website which is still under construction. We still have a lot of info to add as time permits, so check back every once in a while!

We offer Border Collie pups for sale. We're an AKC Breeder of Merit, formerly known as Hastings Border Collies. We've been raising high quality Border Collies for 20 years!! And know this, we do not breed the herding drive out, because then they wouldn't be Border Collies true to the breed.

We're located in North Texas near to Dallas & Fort Worth, but have customers come from Houston, Austin, San Angelo, San Antonio, Midland, really all over Texas and more from Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Kansas, Alaska, Virginia, South Carolina, Ohio, Idaho, Nevada, Washington State, New York, and many more in the USA. Our Border Collie puppies are also in South America, Mexico, Canada & Europe! World wide!

We offer Border Collie puppies for sale out of health certified parents. Offering high quality, registered Border Collie puppies to approved active, forever homes. Our goal is to breed Border Collies with herding ability, good health, nice structure & happy temperaments all in a beautiful package!  Please be sure you are up to the task of raising a Border Collie as they can be a handful during puppy hood! The Border Collie breed isn't for everybody!

Our Border Collie puppies are proven to be competitive in most sporting or performance venues such as working stock / herding, agility, flyball, obedience, frisbee or disc, tracking, dock diving & have also been certified as therapy dogs. Our Border Collies have obtained titles in conformation, but still have herding ability. Our Border Collie puppies can be a loving family companion or pet in very active homes with proper training. We do and believe in the health testing such as OFA hip x rays, Paw Print Genetics or Optigen DNA testing for CEA and TNS. We don't think Border Collies should be bred without the being health tested to ensure starting with healthy parents.

Yes, we do have many coat colors and several patterns available, however we don't make that our first consideration when breeding. Unlike so many Border Collie breeders that produce so called 'rare' colors, we don't charge more for certain colors/patterns or gender. Our Border Collies produce many colors and patterns, such as merle, sable merle, tricolor and sable. Coat colors produced are black, solid blue (slate or dilute), red (chocolate,brown, liver), gold (ee red, Oz red, yellow, blonde, lemon, creme, Australian red), and lilac.

Our Border Collie pups are raised with excellent care and leave for their new homes with a great start in life.  Bottle fed freshly made milk formula at least once a day for a few weeks while still on mom too! They're given their required vaccination, be wormed 4 times, have their nails clipped, be clean & parasite free inside & out,  plus fed super premium food. (We get feedback from vets that say we're doing a great job with our Border Collie pups). They're be introduced to walking on a leash, the crate and will have gone for car rides too!

 Below: slideshows of some of our Border Collie pups that became stars.